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Holidays GreatDad Recommends and Mr. Dad Seal of Approval Winners!


Announcing the Holidays 2013 GreatDad Recommends winners!

The GreatDad Recommends program recognizes products and services that support our mission: giving men the resources, tools, and information they need to be the fathers they want to be and that their families need them to be.

If you'd like to apply, click here.



Bommerscheim Buddies
The floppy-eared bunny-shaped doll measures 15" from ear to toe. Its whimsical facial expression helps the youngest tots bond instantly. The large ears are perfect for little fingers to grab and go. The cute "feet" and "tail" designs cleverly hide the hook and fasteners allowing for cover to be removed! When ready, wash the fabric cover on the gentle cycle, then lay flat to dry. Choose from 28 different designs within 5 Collections ranging from Stars to Camouflage. These are cute stuffed toys and very well-made, but what really sets them apart are the washable covers. Take it from us, you do not want to throw away your 3-year old's favorite stuffed animal because it fell in the mud (or worse) and can't be washed. Washing machines are notoriously hard on most stuffed animals and the risk of washing them is usually a non-starter. The trick is making the Bommerscheim Buddie the favorite stuffed toy. No one can guarantee what toy a child will like most, but the fun designs of these toys make them a good candidate for many kids.

Shake 'N Take
We love this game for fast games with readers and non-readers. The idea is fairly simple. Each player has a card and a magic marker. The designated player has to circle the "Aliens" that are in the same shape (circle, square, triangle) as he rolls the die as quickly as he can. The challenge is finding the alien shapes as well as rolling the die to the needed shape. This is a fun game because it doesn't necessarily give the advantage to the older reader. It moves fast to keep dads and kids interested. MSRP: $19.95.

Eye-Fi X2 Pro SD Card
Now we all take pictures on our smartphones, except when the pictures are super-important or hard to snap. Multiple pictures of a baby's first steps. Fast action shots at the soccer game. The perfect holiday photo. These shots demand the faster lens and motorized drive of an SLR. The Eye-Fi Pro makes it as easy to manage photos on your SLR as it is to manage on your iPhone because it creates its own WIFI network to automatically move your larger camera's photos onto your phone, and then likely onto your computer's photo library. MSRP: $99

Snake Oil game
Snake Oil is a bit like Apples and Oranges meets Mad Men. Players get a chance to mix different ideas together to improvise new products and solutions, often with a funny twist. Like Apples and Oranges, a judge chooses the best result. The game makes kids, and dads, think and find creative solutions. Quite often, laughter erupts. MSRP: $20.

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