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60 Second Review – RainForest Cafe for Kids

60 Second Review – OKAY, if you must, but keep your (adult) expectations low.


There’s no question about it – the RainForest Cafe is a sensory overload experience, especially if you’ve already spent the day with a couple of kids. While, amazingly, you will see couples out on what looks to be a date, this is clearly a better place for the under 12 crowd.


After you make your way through the extensive gift shop (prepare to allow for one toy per visit or suffer the consequences), you travel through exotic fish tanks and then into the main restaurant. There, to the amazement of little ones, are animated gorillas, elephants, and snakes in a very leafy tropical environment. Every 30 minutes, a simulated tropical storm passes through with lightning and thunder.





Locations in touristy areas in San Francisco, Anaheim, Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Nashville, Orlando, and Chicago.

– Paul Banas