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5 tips for the best Thanksgiving ever

  1. Keep it simple – Even if both you and your spouse like a Thanksgiving table over-flowing with all the possible Thanksgiving items, consider cutting back on some items or getting store-bought items. The stress you eliminate will make everyone enjoy the meal more.

  2. Involve the kids – There are plenty of things they can do, from baking a simple pie or setting the table. Make sure you give them plenty of credit in front of all guests for the job they’ve done.

  3. Pitch in – The year is 2006 and women no longer work all day in the kitchen while the guys lie on the floor waiting to be called to the table. Be proactive – volunteer for work you’ll enjoy and get into the spirit cheerfully. You’ll be happier doing a good deed without being nagged about it. And face it, you’ll have to do a bunch of stuff anyway, so you’re better off getting points for doing it on your terms.

  4. Create traditions if you want to create meaning – Kids thrive on traditions, even the ones they might complain about in their teen years are the ones you may see them re-creating twenty years from now in their own homes. The best traditions are ones that have meaning for the family because they relate to the family history or have taken on a history of their own over time. Don’t shy away from creating your own traditions, however. Some examples:

    • A prayer said by the youngest talking member of the family.

    • Allowing each child to choose a food item that is served every year.

  5. Consider not drinking alcohol during Thanksgiving – while this might be difficult for some to imagine, you may want to give it a try if previous holiday meals were emotional or anger-filled.