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Halloween for kids and dads

Halloween PumpkinHalloween’s just around the corner. And while your kids are all set to have a blast, they will appreciate your effort and participation in making it a memorable day for them. Of course, some activities are traditionally dad’s domain. A fun excursion for any family is an annual trip to pick out a pumpkin, though sometimes, just picking one up at the grocery store is a good plan if you only have time to do one thing. For a tongue-in-cheek, but accurate primer on carving, go to carving your jack o’ lantern.


For patterns and carving tips, check out jack-o-lantern.com, which has downloadable PDF pattern for cutting out unique pumpkins.


While commercial costumes are always an option, it’s not difficult to create spooky costumes for your kids when they go ‘Trick or Treating.’ Helping them put together costumes from material readily available at home will be a fun exercise in creativity for them that will also save you a few good dollars. Here are some amazingly simple Halloween costume ideas that you could use or innovate upon.


Also visit FamilyFun.com for some other great Halloween ideas.