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Movie Review: Kung Fu kicks for all the family

‘Kung Fu Panda’ has all the makings of a classic kids movie. It has the gentle feel of a traditional Disney film, complete with moral lessons, loveable characters and beautiful animation.

However, modern graphics and the humorous charm of Jack Black – the voice of the main character Po the panda – keep the movie up-to-date and relevant to children.

‘Kung Fu Panda’ is rated PG, which stands for parental guidance, but the lack of swearing, nudity or violence means children of any ages should enjoy it.

Meanwhile, the slick production and great casting are likely to keep parents entertained. Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Lui and others all make appearances alongside Jack Black, voicing a range of characters.

The plot of the movie centers on Po, an overweight panda who dreams of being a martial arts hero. Leaving his family’s noodle shop behind, he sets off on an adventure to find kung fu master Oogway, a wise old turtle.

Queue hilarious scenes as Po attempts to keep up with the Furious Five – expert proteges of Oogway’s – and eventually battles Tai Lung, a sneaky snow leopard with a father complex.

This has widely been hailed as one of DreamWork’s best films for some time, so parents are advised to take their kids along to see this high-kicking underdog tale.