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Zigo makes bikes that convert to strollers

I spent some time with Michael Ehrenreich of Zigo at ABC looking over the new strollers. I’ve always been impressed with the engineering behind these vehicles which are great options for smaller towns and suburbs where you need to get to the market and run errands somewhat near your house, but also need a stroller to push the baby.

I like the Zigo Leader bike because it can either pull a child in trailer mode, like others on the market, or you can function with the child in front. While a lot of kids don’t mind being pulled behind, our daughter refused to sit back, behind the action, so this might have been an option for her. It’s big advantage, but one I’m afraid is lost on me, is that it is known for being a first class jogging stroller.Zigo at Brooklyn Bridge

Zigo has just announced a new trail-a-bike, called the. If you have kids who are old enough to dump the training wheels, but too small to keep up on long rides, a trail-a-bike “Tag-along” is a good option. Mike tells me his Zigaloo will retail for a bit less than the market leader in this segment, the Adams trail-a-bike.CIMG1106

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