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Bedwetting: Doing a urine test

The Potty Trainer

A urinalysis (urine test) should be obtained in children who wet to determine if a urinary tract infection, blood in the urine, or diabetes is contributing to the problem. The urine test is inexpensive and easy to perform.

In most cases the urinalysis is normal in kids with bedwetting. If the physical exam and urine test are normal, then further testing is not usually obtained. If the urinalysis is abnormal, further testing may be advised.

If treatments for the bedwetting are unsuccessful then further testing may be recommended, realizing that the likelihood of finding a significant birth defect or medical problem is very low. Your child’s doctor will determine what evaluation is best for your child.


– Dr. D. Preston Smith


Dr. Smith is board certified and he has authored or co-authored many articles, papers, chapters, and books in Urology and Pediatric Urology. His research has been presented throughout the world. Dr. Smith’s dedication to helping children with urologic problems inspired him to establish PottyMD.