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10 Months and Terrific

Ruby and Albert are excited by
10-month-old Jessica’s new skills. This
month there are so many! Jessica calls to her parents saying “Mama” or “Dada.” She
wants to feed herself at every meal. She
sometimes drinks from a cup withoutspilling. She tries to pull herself up to
stand. She likes to practice stepping
sideways along the sofa. But she knows
that she has to hold on to stay steady.
Crawling still helps her get around the
house in a hurry.

Jessica explores everything. She pulls pots and lids out of the kitchen
cabinet. She drags clothes from the laundry basket. She scatters magazines
everywhere. Everything is a toy that she learns from. When she was six
months old, Jessica made friends with Rollo, the neighbor’s dog. This
month Rollo’s loud bark scares Jessica. Now she cries and clings whenever
Rollo is around.

Ruby and Albert know they have to move fast to stay ahead of Jessica. In
this month’s issue, you’ll learn more about your baby. You’ll learn more
ways to help your baby grow, learn and stay safe and healthy.

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