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Avoid Food Battles

Battles over food often occur when
parents are too concerned about what, how
much and when their children eat. Avoid making mealtime a battleground. Your baby
is testing his independence. This means
that he’ll try to do things his way—not yours. Relax and accept your baby’s unusual
food choices. As he matures, your baby will
follow your lead more easily.

Eating too little?

Do you think your baby is not eating enough? Relax. Offer nutritious foods
at regular times in a pleasant atmosphere. No baby will starve himself! To
reassure yourself, check these points.

Using a cup

Weaning is a gradual process. It moves babies from a bottle or breastfeeding
to drinking from a cup. For bottle-fed babies, weaning to a cup usually
happens around a baby’s first birthday.

Now that your baby is feeding himself, it’s a good time to offer a cup with
his meals. Using a cup with two handles will improve your baby’s coordination
skills. Gradually substitute a cup for the bottle at the noon meal.
Once your baby adjusts to that, do the same at the morning meal.

The evening bottle will probably be the last to go. Your baby is used to the
bedtime bottle as a comfortable, secure ritual. Try substituting water in the
bottle for the formula. Then just offer your baby a cup of water before bed. If
you continue to hold and cuddle at bedtime, weaning will go more smoothly.

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