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Bathing Your Baby

Your baby will probably enjoy his daily bath. You may struggle to get
all of him clean while he splashes, slides and wiggles.

Your baby may have great balance and sit without support. But he still
needs the safety of a plastic baby bathtub or bath chair. If you don’t have a
tub or chair, keep one arm around the baby all the time. Gather all the
things you need before he goes into the water.

Encourage water play. It helps build coordination and control. Give your
baby bath toys and let him splash, pour and catch water. Use bath time to
teach. Talk to your baby about water and his play. Even though he won’t be
able to say the words yet, he’ll begin to understand “empty,” “full,” “dry,”“wet,” “float” and “sink.”
Keep your baby safe in the bath. Here are some ways:

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