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Exercise Keeps You Healthy

Six weeks after the baby is born,
most moms can go back to normal activities.
Doctors often give new mothers exercises to do. Exercise helps you tone
your muscles.

If you have not been active before, think
about it now. Being active is good for moms
and dads. Most of the time, people who exercise often are less tired. And
they deal with stress better. To exercise, you don’t have to play a sport.

You can walk for exercise. A brisk walk burns more calories than a slow
walk. This is true as long as the length of time you walk is the same. If you
have 30 minutes to exercise, you will burn more calories by walking briskly
than by walking slowly.

Even slow walking will help a person who starts out in poor shape. A
person in better shape will need to walk faster or for a longer time to get
new benefits.

Sometimes it helps to have someone to walk with. Try walking every day
with your husband or a friend. In good weather, make your baby with you in
a stroller. Your baby will enjoy your activity, and he’ll benefit from it, too!

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