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Review: Haba Toys Bambini Beads Moo & Baa

My preschoolers are in a Montessori program where they develop fine motor skills through activities such as threading beads, so this toy is a nice way to bridge school activities to our home. However, the kids view the Bambini Beads Moo & Baa as more of a “toy” because of the 8 animal and farm-themed beads (cow, 2 sheep, 2 hens, tractor, farmer, and clover), which are fun for them to thread with the wooden threader and lace.

The pieces are fun for the kids to play with separately and come in a zippered plastic bag that enables easy storage/organization. This toy is recommended for children 3+ due to a choking hazard, but each bead is quite large and I didn’t find there would be a problem with my 2 year old who enjoys playing with this equally as, if not more than, our 4 year old. The manufacturer suggests the toy be used to teach colors and counting, but both kids have been well-versed in colors and counting for awhile now.

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