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Learning Through Play

Your baby is unique. No one else is exactly like her! She learns at her own pace.
She has specific likes and dislikes. She has a personality that is hers alone.

Your baby does share some traits with other 10-month-olds. Almost all
babies will benefit from the following suggestions:

Talk to your baby. You can tell that she understands many of your
words and expressions. Encourage her to imitate you.

Keep your baby interested. Doing the same things over and over is
important to building some skills. But don’t let it get boring. Sing new
songs. Tell new stories. Look at new pictures. Play new games.

Show your baby that you are proud of her. Clap and smile when she
does something new. Say, for example, “Nita, you did that all by yourself. What a big girl!”

Read to your baby. Let her sit on your lap while you read a book or look
at its pictures. Make reading a part of your bedtime ritual. Soon your
daughter will be reading to you!

Keep your baby safe. Make sure she won’t hurt herself as she explores
the things in her home.

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