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Nine Months—and Growing!

Mickey is nine months old. His
parents, Lisa and José, have plans for their
family. Lisa has gone back to school and looks forward to graduation. José has found
a better job in the neighborhood superstore.

And Mickey! He has two teeth, sits up
without wobbling and almost sleeps
through the night. He’s pulling himself
across the rug with his arms—crawling
can’t be far behind. He babbles and laughs
when he sees his grandparents.

Mickey nurses several times a day, but he is always eager for his “big boy”
dinner. Tonight he will have mashed sweet potatoes, chopped spinach and
cheese. Next week he will go to the clinic for his nine-month checkup.

Now Lisa and José are eager to know what comes next.

And what about you and your baby? In this issue, you will learn how your
nine-month-old baby grows and learns.

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