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Questions from Parents about Medicines

My baby hasn’t been feeling
well. It doesn’t seem to be serious.
Can I give him nonprescription
medicine or home remedies?

Talk to your doctor before you give
your baby any medicine. Some
won’t help. Others may be harmful.

Some labels are hard to understand. Once the doctor has approved a
nonprescription medicine, ask the pharmacist at the grocery store or drug
store for help. You can ask questions at any time. You can ask for help even
after you buy the medicine.

Here are some tips to follow when you give any medicine to your baby:

Many infant medications come with a measuring device to make sure that
you give your child EXACTLY the right dose of medication. You can also
buy special measuring devices in the drug store or supermarket to ensure
that you know exactly how much medication to give your baby.

When to call the doctor:

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