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Review: Haba Toys Play Dice

The Workshop Play Dice by Haba is a soft plush cube with pictures of various tools on each side, like a tape measure, power drill, lock and pliers. There is also a robot and handy man. The cube includes a dangling magnifying glass and the lock has a velcro latch. The cube makes various sounds – the sound from the velcro closure, rustling foil, and a rattle anytime the cube is moved.
I like this toy because the sounds keep baby happy and the magnifying glass enables him to clutch onto the toy. When the cube gets dirty, you can throw it in the wash. Mainly, I like this toy because given all the plastic and electronic toys out there, I am refreshed by this traditional, natural cloth cube with wholesome drawings. It doesn’t feel like a toy that the baby would be overwhelmed by, but still keeps him entertained.
On a side note, my older kids (2 and 4) have been enjoying this Workshop Play Dice as well and have been using the magnifying glass (which really magnifies) to look at small objects around the house.
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