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Talking Together Helps Spouses Handle Stress

Ever since we had the baby, there’s been a lot of stress between my spouse
and me. We never seem to have time just to sit and talk anymore. I can’t
seem to say how I feel. Do you have any suggestions?

With all the extra work a baby brings into your life, it is hard for parents to
make time for each other.
You may have all kinds of feelings that you need to talk out. You may feel
resentment, or you may feel guilt or anger.

Not talking about your feelings can hurt your relationship. As hard as it
may seem, you must make time to be alone together. Your spouse probably
has things to talk about, too.

Here are some tips on how to talk to each other about what is troubling you:

Having a new baby can make many things in your life more complicated. It
may create more work for you and your spouse. Talking through these
matters may help you work things out. Talking together often may keep
things from getting out of hand.

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