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Your Baby Is Sleeping Longer at Night

You can start putting your
baby to bed while he is still
awake. Remember to put him to
sleep on his back. Let him go to sleep on his own, alone. When
he awakens during the night, he
sometimes may go back to sleep
on his own. This is much easier
on the parents!

Every baby will have a different sleep pattern. By now, most babies are in a
routine. At three months, a baby naps about five hours during the day. He
sleeps longer at night. He may wake up at night to be fed. You don’t have
to wake your baby for feedings at night. If your baby sleeps through the
night, he will feed more often during the day.

Some babies begin sleeping through the night at a few months of age.
Others don’t sleep through the night until they are one or two years old or
even older. Has your baby been sleeping in the same room with you? This
is a good age to move him into another room, if possible.

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Your Baby is Sleeping Longer at Night

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Your baby is thirteen weeks old. At this age, his night and day actiivity will begin to gradually become more sharply defined. By eating adequately in the evenings, he will sleep for longer stretches through the night without needing to be frequently fed. Well, it’s about time you got some sleep at night too!