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Juicy Gossip – Book review by Hadley, age 9

Juicy Gossip is a story about a girl named Jenna who is not to popular. She is the editor of the school news paper. When Jenna’s parents open a juice store at the mall and asks Jenna to help them she gets embarassed. But when the store opens, Jenna realizes she can hear all the secrets of the most popular girl in school! Soon after Jenna finds out that her school is drowning in a budget. Their about to cut the news paper when Jenna has the idea to write a colume that will be called ”Juicy Gossip.” Soon almost every body is going around buzzing about the school news paper. But then Stacy (one of the most popular girls)starts to get suspicious. Will Jenna be able to keep a secret before its to late?

I really liked this story and found it exciting to read!