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On my desk this week: Checklists for the New Dad, by Joe Deyo

There’s a lot to like in this new book, Checklists for the New Dad by Joe Deyo. In a tidy 230 pages, Joe sketches out the basics of fatherhood, covering everything from what he calls the “5 P’s” (Be Present, Protect, Provide, Partner, and Play!) to how to plan for college education costs. This is not a book that covers the specifics of any one chapter in a baby’s life, and, if you’re looking for a manual on baby maintenance, you’re better off choosing books like Dr. Sears’ Baby Book. However, in the Checklists, the “Power Modules” section will give you specific pointers on changing a diaper, feeding the baby, teething, how to clean the house, and even how to make lasagna!

We enjoyed the reverential tone Joe has for the responsibilities of fatherhood, since we also believe that while parenthood has much to laugh at, it’s quite often serious business. At the same time, readers looking to avoid religion in their baby books, may wish to look elsewhere. Chapters on how to pray for baby and individual “Chapter Prayers,” will be appropriate for some readers, but not for others.