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Haba Musical Eggs

  Haba Musical Eggs make unique sounds from clicks and rattles to jingles and chirps. Rosemary and I think these cheerful painted wooden eggs are egg-ceptional. Ba-dup, crash! Each of these bright, colorful eggs is unique in its color and in the sound it makes. One makes cheerful chirps when shaken, another clicks when you rotate the ...read more

Hours of Educational Fun and Quality Time in a Box:Cooper and Kid Cooper Kit

[caption id="attachment_2341" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="The Cooper Kit is full of activities and games that are educational and fun both for your kids and dads."][/caption] The Cooper Kit, simply put, is awesome. It is full of games and activities focused around a particular theme that engages and educates, and carries the promise o ...read more

All Natural, Educational Toys Delivered to your Door! Little Pnuts Toy Delivery Service.

[caption id="attachment_2307" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Little Pnuts Special Deliveries contain all natural, age appropriate toys and are delivered to your door four times per year."][/caption]   I’m a first time dad, and I’m learning as I go with this parenting thing, and one of the countless things my 17-month-old daug ...read more

Holiday Gifts for (mostly) boys

There are so many great toys out there. I don't know how anyone choose beyond what the kids say they absolutely must have this year. I can tell you what's on my son's list and that will give you an idea of your 8-year old boy: 1. Stylus - his sister has one. Her school gave out iPads in seventh grade, so she spends every evening doing math, Englis ...read more

The Earpeace – noise reducing earplugs, but not yet for kids

I received an Earpeace, a pair of noise reducing earplugs a few weeks ago. The Earpeace are an addition to the field of earplugs for adults to cut down the noise while outside or at a loud event such as a concert. They attempt to lower the overall volume while not muffling sound the way foam earplugs do. Independent tests (Michael and Associates) p ...read more

Seven worst pet gifts and two good ones

It's December 23rd and still time to answer a Craiglist ad for a new horse, pet pig, or used rabbit cage. Here's our advice on six pets not to get: 1. Tarantula - Sure, they are cute, furry, and cuddly when you take them home, but wait until your son lays one on your face while you're taking a post-football Sunday nap. Your heart attack won't be as ...read more

Review: Zazoo Photo Clock for kids

The Zazoo Photo Clock is really an amazing example of how technology has evolved and prices have dropped on multi-use photo frames. Where single use photo frames were once several hundred dollars, here is one that is kid-friendly, with a kid-friendly price that does so much more than just play a slideshow of photos. The Zazoo Photo Clock, invented ...read more

Headphones for the entire family this season

Here are four distinctly different headphones, as opposed to ear plugs or buds, for holiday gifts. They come in a variety of price levels and serve different functions. 1. For little kids, consider the Griffin GB10027 MyPhones Headphones ($39.99 list). They are perfect for kids and unaware teens because the volume can't exceed 85 decibels—the hig ...read more

Best iPad gifts I’ve seen this year

For the iPad lover in your life, here are some things that should be on his or her wish list: 1. SuiteGear Kit from Bracketron - this is just a simple package for protecting the iPad. It comes with a protective case that fits on the back of the iPad, as well as cleaning fluid, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a stylus. A stylus is really handy if ...read more

Five electronic gifts that are not video games

My kids think I'm a bad dad in our house on at least one score. I don't let the kids play video games during the school week, and so far, we have not let them have a DS or other personal gaming device. We do let them play on the iPad, again on weekends. However, when it comes to video games, we mostly limit use to multi-player games on the Wii, whi ...read more

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I found a ton of random ideas at a company called
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I got a pair of "I Love My Dad" cufflinks from thi
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If you want to give a dad a laugh on Father's Day,
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Baby feeding tray and infant sports car seat cover
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I'd be interested in hearing what users of these c
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