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Eight Baby and Kid Sleep Tricks Your Doctor Will Never Tell You

Face it. Doctors are pretty lame with practical advice on stuff that should come naturally to babies. So here are a few tricks we've picked - none risky, we promise - that might help you get your baby to sleep or back on track sleep-wise. Dads, take charge. This is one area where dads can really add some value. Sadly, it's because we have no ...read more

Putting Kids to Sleep: Tips for Dads

P { margin: 0px; } For some parents, getting their children to sleep is no problem at all. For others, it invariably involves a major struggle. Here are some easy tips on putting your kids to bed: The first step to ensuring that your children take to their bed without much fuss is to establish a bedtime routine. When children sleep at ...read more

Tips on Putting Your Twins to Sleep

P { margin: 0px; } Looking after twins usually means more work for the parents. It also often presents parents with tricky situations. One of these is putting a pair of twins to bed. Here are tips to help parents of twins cope with this situation: Maintain fixed bed times: Helping your twins sleep at the same time everyday will ensure that th ...read more

How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Sleep Requirements for Your Child Age Sleep Required During Day* Sleep Required During Night Total Sleep 1 month 7 (3) 8 1/2 15 1/2 3 months 5 (3) 10 ...read more

Bedwetting causes: Sleep disorders

Parents will often describe their child that suffers from nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting) as being a deep sleeper. They will tell stories about how their child will be soaked in the bed without even waking up. If the child is taken to the restroom to pee in the middle of the night she is usually not aware of what is taking place and she does no ...read more

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

P { margin: 0px; } Sudden Infant Death syndrome (SIDS) is defined as the sudden, unexplained death of an infant, and is the one of the main causes of death among infants between a month and a year. SIDS is said to occur only when no possible explanation can be found even after: Autopsy Examination of the place where the death occurred ...read more

Know the pros and cons of co-sleeping

Is it okay to let the baby share your bed with you? There is no single correct answer to this situation. It is up to you, as a parent, to decide after knowing its pros and cons: Advantages of co-sleeping Sleeping with your baby can foster a closer bond between you and your child. It gives you more time to spend with your baby. ...read more

Helping Your Baby Sleep

Babies will sleep most of the time during their first few months. At this time, they require all the sleep they can get, so parents need to resist the temptation to wake them up and fondle or hug them. Your child needs the right amount of sound sleep at this age to grow up strong and healthy. These are guidelines to help you ensure that your ...read more

Coping with light sleepers

P { margin: 0px; } While most toddlers learn to fall asleep alone, others wake up frequently and find it difficult to get back to sleep.   There is no right or wrong way of putting a toddler to sleep. Healthy diet patterns, lots of love and affection, and a stress free life can be positive factors influencing your toddlers’ sleep. The ...read more

Sleeping without the pacifier

The difficulty begins that first night or with the first naptime. Children will get in the bed and then realize there is no more pacifier. You will have to remind that that they can't have it anymore. You won't have to worry about giving in, since you've gotten rid of the pacifiers!   It will likely take a good hour or more for the c ...read more

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