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Core Experiences
Spanking vs. not spanking: How do you handle discipline?Cover the birds and the bees with ease
Adolescent masturbation: How to cope with it as a fatherSo You Caught Your Child Watching Porn
3 ways to bring you closer together with your son3 ways to connect with your daughter like you do with your son
3 things dads should do everyday to get closer to their teenagersTeen suicide: The red flags to keep an eye on
New social media apps that you need to understandWhat to do when you catch your child on Facebook
What to do if your kid is a bullyHelp your teens work through their anger
Build a relationship with your stepchildrenBe a patient dad as your kids get older
Baby items every dad needsGetting your kids to eat healthier
Tips for safe sledding this winterHow to be the best dad in 2014
Encourage your child to exerciseTeach your child the gift of giving
Tips for whining childrenImplement time-out methods that work
5 things to stress to your kids on Halloween night5 benefits of reading to your kids
4 awesome autumn weekend activities for dads and kids5 simple ways to show your kids affection each day
How young is too young for Facebook?3 great push present ideas for dads
Hit the books! 3 tips to boost your kid's studying habits3 reasons to ship your kids off to summer camp
Caught your kids smoking? Here's some adviceHelping your kids adjust to a family move
Keeping the romance alive after baby arrivesThree winter activities for kids to do outside
Holiday gifts your kids can make at homeKeeping kids healthy around the holidays
Handling your child's first fluLittle bundles of terror - the scariest kids in horror movies
Three unexpected foods that are bad for your kids' teethFall 2012 TV lineup focuses on redefining the family
Protect your kids with these fireplace safety tipsShould your child skip a grade? Pros and cons
Three common child vaccine myths debunkedIs your involvement helping or hurting your child's education?
Top 3 things you should never say to your childHow can video games make your kids smarter?
Flying with kids: Top 3 tips for avoiding in-flight tantrumsNew dads: Top 3 ways to financially safeguard your growing family
What to do when your child is accused of being the bullyBeyond spanking - three outside-of-the-box ways to punish your children
What is max screen time for my kids? Experts weigh in.Don't let a fun-filled summer vacation put your kids' health at risk!
How to possibly quiet a crying baby - without losing your mindYour kids and the bogeyman - are you horrible if you don't make a fuss?
Lions, tigers and bears - dad-friendly camping adviceIs your child getting too old for stuffed animals?
Will your own attitude hurt or help your teenagers' first driving experiences?Do you suspect your young athlete is using steroids?
So your kid says he hates you (here's a secret – he doesn't mean it)Understanding TV role models today - is your daughter doomed?
Are your children ruined if they join a clique?So your son had his first playground fight - now what?
Three great outdoor spring activities that will solidify your "awesome dad" statusWill overreacting emotionally damage your kids?
What not to do when your child excels at sportsThe white food diet - will it harm your children?
Last minute Valentine's Day gifts to buy for momHow to help your kids write a Valentine's Day poem for mom
Managing anger around your childrenPreparing yourself and your son for college
Three winter activities for dads to enjoy with their kidsIs your kid doomed if you discover he's diabetic?
Internet censorship - a do or don’t?Will your depression hold your kids back?
Will grounding help or ruin your children?What exactly is dad's role in the delivery room?
Can dads experience postpartum depression?Are you a good parent?
Do fathers live longer than bachelors?Top 4 questions asked by new dads
Is being a single dad destroying your dating life?Is your constant business travel negatively affecting your family?
Don't be fooled by a nightmare babysitter!Do dads have less testosterone than bachelors?
Losing your hair? Nothing to worryAre you handling backtalk the right way?
Three books a dad must read to his daughtersThree charities that support involved fathers
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and your kidWorst confessions of dads when Mom is away on a business trip
Questions you can ask to look smart at your next OB/GYN visitNaked in front of the kids: Yay or nay?
How much of that R-rated movie can kids actually understand?Managing a play date for dads: The basics
Should PDA be kept on the DL in front of your children?Summer health risks for children
Good snacks for kidsGood sports for uncoordinated kids
Watching television - a no-no or a nurturing tool?Cleaning vomit stains - what you need to know
Why you need to know about head liceWhen to keep a child home from school
What needs to be in a packed lunchBenefits of sports for kids
Babble: Dads should play role in bedtime as wellThree ways dads can get the kids outside this spring
Dealing with the terrible twosWhy you don't need a new digital camera or camcorder
Tricks to avoid changing a diaperStudy: Be a fun dad for better marriage
Matt Damon preparing for stepdaughter's entry into teensFunnyman Craig Ferguson welcomes second child
Dads: How and what to teach your kidsHospitals across the country offering boot camp for new dads
This one's gonna be a soccer player: Beckhams to have fourth childBen Affleck: Making dads everywhere look bad
Single parents: Struggles can make a family closerIncrease in SIDS around New Years linked to parents' heavy drinking, study suggests
Big Willy parenting style is simple: step backAre stay at home dads becoming the norm?
Depp's kids mutiny, reveal they prefer another hero to Captain JackThe sex talk: Don't fake it
Stay active, drink green tea to prevent colds this winterStay calm, set a good example when disciplining your kids
Studies seek to bust the only child mythHow much will having a baby cost?
Celebrity dads welcome babiesIs fatherhood to blame for Tiger Woods' cheating?
Usher's Father's Day wishO'Connell talks about being a father to twin girls
Taye Diggs: Loves coming home to his 'little dude'Joey Lawrence reveals creative parenting skills
Jeff Gordon waiting for the terrible twos'Lost' star says fatherhood makes his heart explode
Roger Federer surprises with twinsJack Black discusses sibling rivalry and parenting skills
Michael Douglas: Family bond is magicalDiego Luna: Fatherhood is amazing
Gossip Girl actor welcomes new baby girlSurvey: Dads spending more time with kids
Olympian balances work and fatherhoodJoel Madden hates to leave his little girl
La. told to add gay fathers' names to birth certificateClive Owen loves being a dad to daughters
Roger Federer looking forward to fatherhoodObama proposes changes to education system
Enjoying a night in with the kidsMarines receive new guidelines for paternity leave
Stay-at-home dads embrace their roleWinter fun for dads and kids
Preparing your child for a new babyMore men single parenting as wives deployed abroad
Documentary about gay dads honoredWill lay-offs change the division of parenting skills?
Community programs can help prevent child abuseNew documentary explores lives of stay-at-home dads
Cosby touts power of fatherhoodTony Dungy as fatherhood czar?
Obama to daughters: You inspired me to run for presidentFathers group challenging new child support rules
Minnesota considering change to custody lawsCould a parenting advice newsletter help new dads?
Obama named Father of the YearGay adoptive fathers win birth certificate battle
Does Santa Claus exist? Parents can't agreeFather's genes may determine baby's sex
Obama victory encourages parenting adviceFlorida law against gay adoption overturned
Adoption may deepen parenting skillsMark Wahlberg shares parenting advice
Brad Pitt opens up about fatherhoodObama 'acts like a modern dad'
John Stamos says he's ready for fatherhoodDid Obama's role as a father influence the election?
Obama promises his daughters a puppyStay-at-home fathers on the rise
Madonna's parenting skills questioned by son's biological fatherObama talks fatherhood and family
Levi Johnston speaks out about fatherhoodSurvey: Fathers' parenting skills evolving
John McCain and fatherhoodBarack Obama and fatherhood
Joe Biden and the dad issueSarah Palin's family values - pure or ploy?
Link found between infant scent and parenting skillsDads 'central' to their children's early education
Fatherhood with a twist in children's bookNew book promotes father and son bonding
More gay men showing off parenting skillsStudy: 2.3% of men have become an adoptive father
Call for better parenting advice for new fathersGay fathers win birth certificate rights
Dads begin school feeding serviceAn Honorary Woman: A Stay-at-Home Dad's Experience
Keeping the passion alive post-fatherhoodFathers 'struggle with work-life balance'
Obama chastises absent fathersFathers' TV favorites revealed
Survey finds that work impinges on fatherhoodWarning about kids' consumption of sugary drinks
Men can receive another chance at fatherhoodMoms' Encouragement Matters to Dads, Research Says
Survey of new dads reveals hidden thoughts on fatherhoodBest Father's Day Quotes - Celebrating Fatherhood
Toasts to DadsTop Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Introduction
Top Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Handling EmotionsTop Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Inspiring Self-Confidence
Top Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Handling ResponsibilityTop Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Disciplining Kids
Top Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Having FunTop Five Ways in which Dads are Different: Conclusion
Father and Daughter BondingFather and Son Bonding
GreatDad’s list of best things about being a dadHow to Create a Lasting Tradition for Baby's First Christmas
Article List
The white food diet - will it harm your children?
Last minute Valentine's Day gifts to buy for mom
How to help your kids write a Valentine's Day poem for mom
Managing anger around your children
Preparing yourself and your son for college
Three winter activities for dads to enjoy with their kids
Is your kid doomed if you discover he's diabetic?
Internet censorship - a do or don’t?
Will your depression hold your kids back?
Will grounding help or ruin your children?
What exactly is dad's role in the delivery room?
Can dads experience postpartum depression?
Are you a good parent?
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