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After-work play ‘good for father-child bonding’

It may be tempting for fathers to seek solitude when they get home from an exhausting day at the office, but an expert has warned these men that they could be missing out on the opportunity to make significant connections with their children.

Life coach Mark Brandenburg told the Associated Press that playing and chatting with children during these after-work hours helps build trust.

He suggested that dads approach their kids to ask them about the important things that have happened during their day, as well as sharing stories from work.

Fathers should seize upon the window of time when a child is young to create this bond, Mr Brandenburg explained.

"If you’re not willing to do that, unfortunately when your child gets older, you’re going to have problems doing that," he advised.

Men are mistaken if they think the only way to play a meaningful role in their kids’ lives is by organizing a large-scale vacation, Mr Brandenburg said, adding that small gestures can be even more important.

Last year, Dr William Sears suggested on Parenting.com that father-child bonding can start from babyhood.