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Children’s books to read with dad

Reading with kids can be a great way for families to bond, while at the same time helping children to expand their horizons.

For dads specifically, there are a number of children’s books out there which look at the relationship between father and son or father and daughter.

"Daddy Goes to Work" by Jabari Asim, for example, offers a touching portrait of the love between a father and daughter, while at the same time educating young girls that the workplace is not only for men.

For younger children, a book such as "Say Daddy!" by Michael Shoulders could be a perfect introduction into the world of reading. It tells the story of a newborn baby bear, whose first word is "book".

Meanwhile, a tale like "Cool Daddy Rat" by Kristyn Crow shows that not all dads are the same. Utilizing scat and be-bop, the book follows the adventures of a cool musician and his son Ace, teaching kids about jazz music at the same time.

There have also been children’s books published recently which look at the issue of gay dads. "And Tango Makes Three", for example, by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnel, tells the true story of two male penguins at New York’s Central Park who became a couple and adopt a baby.