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Divorced dads – Dealing with a broken home

The thought of what has happened interrupts you seven times a day. You have lost everything you helped build, all sense of love and belonging in the world. The crisis has left in its wake the disorganization of your instincts and ideas.

Every divorced dad has to carry his own grief and try to begin a new life again in the world. Remember that you are still a father. Taking care of your children during this crisis is your first priority. It’s the only way to break the inertia. It’s the only way to get back in control of your life, take responsibility and start fixing that broken heart, that broken home.

It is time to get help:

It takes a lot of sanity to make the right decision when it comes to deciding the fate of your fatherhood after divorce. That is exactly what is at stake in the situation.

Knowing your rights as a father is the first positive step towards understanding your legal position. Once you have familiarized yourself with the legal basics, you can decide on the individual merits of your case with the help of your lawyer:

You may find that a commitment towards creating conditions for a stable environment for your children is more important than taking revenge on your spouse for the divorce.