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The way back home—making your way back into your child’s life

Divorce tends to take a painful toll on the whole family, but it’s the children you worry about the most. Some dads may constantly feel guilty, experience a sense of loss in the whole affair, and have various conflicting emotions resulting from many unresolved issues. This inner turmoil is likely to affect the relationship between children and their fathers, and cause further separation and a sense of alienation between children and their parents.

Here are the top five things that worry divorced dads:

Divorced fathers need to understand that part of fixing a broken home involves re-connecting with the post-divorce child. If you have gained custody after divorce, you may need to deal with the possibility of your children’s resentment about ‘losing’ their mother. Sometimes, you can see it like a banner rising in their eyes: “It’s your fault.” Here are some ways to deal with this problem without the use of retribution.