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Is your stress affecting your child?

No one can argue that fatherhood can be stressful. But did you know that how you deal with stress can significantly impact your child?

A new study found that parents' stress levels can affect kids' welfare.

"In our study, parents' ability to manage stress was a good predictor of the quality and of their relationship with their kids and also of how happy their children were," child psychologist Robert Epstein wrote, according to PsychologyToday.com. "Perhaps more telling, people who rated themselves as great parents scored more highly on stress management than on any of the other nine parenting competencies."

While effective stress management techniques differ among individuals, experts say there are many things fathers can do to manage their stress.

They include practicing known stress-relief techniques like progressive relaxation, deep breathing, meditation or yoga, as well as exercising, eating properly, practicing good time management and being organized.

Maintaining a supportive network of friends and family members may also help fathers deal with and reduce stress.

While getting stress under control is an important parenting advice tip, experts say it is also important for fathers' overall health.

According to WebMD, stress has been linked to headaches, stomach problems, back pain and sleeping problems.