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Romance your family this Valentine’s Day: Some helpful hints

For many dads, the mere mention of Valentine's Day conjures up images of candlelit dinners, romantic getaways and memories of younger days. However, celebrating the holiday with children in the home can be a bit more difficult, as mothers and fathers need to find ways to extricate themselves from their parental duties, even just for one night.

Still, with a little bit of creativity, couples can recapture the romance that characterized their first Valentine's Day.

While Hollywood may lead many men to believe that extravagant gestures are best, the East Valley Tribune reports that dads don't always have to go all out to show their affection. For instance, couples looking to have a low-key celebration may want to consider renting a favorite movie and just enjoying each other's company while the kids are catching some shuteye.

Lack of privacy isn't the only thing that can put a damper on a dad's Valentine's Day: economic constraints can take a toll on the holiday as well. Not everyone may be able to afford a romantic weekend vacation or elegant jewelry, but a CD featuring your wife's favorite songs often says more than a sparkling diamond necklace.