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Summer health risks for children

Although summer is an especially exciting time of the year for most people, the warm weather can sometimes put our children's fragile bodies at risk. Whether it's the idleness of spending so much time at home instead of school or the excessive amounts of comfort food being consumed while out and about, there are certain things that might result in unhealthy outcomes for kids by the end of the summer.

The most obvious potential health risk of the season is prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays. Sun poisoning is something that no child should experience, and – as refreshing as it might feel – water will not protect against sunburn. The only solution is to apply high SPF suntan lotion and limit the amount of time on the beach.

Additionally, it's important to inform your children about overheating before allowing them to head out and play. Encourage them to stay hydrated and have them carry a few water bottles along with them (whether they like it or not).

The best way to safeguard against unhealthy habits this time of year is to avoid any type of excess activity. Remember – moderation is key.