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The sex talk: Don’t fake it

Nobody wants to have the sex talk with their kids. Kids don't like it. Dads don't like it. It's just an awkward experience for everyone. But it has to be done and results of a new Harvard study indicate that around 40 percent of parents are talking to their children about sex after the youngsters have already had firsthand experience, ABC News reports. So, unless you're looking to become a grandfather before the age of 45, it's best to be prepared for the inevitable discussion.

Experts say there are a number of tips that can help make the task less daunting and they start with compartmentalizing. Instead of just having one large discussion, a better route is breaking it up into a series of smaller talks which will help open up a more comfortable dialogue.

Starting young is a good idea as well, but make sure that the topics broached are age appropriate. Talking with your kids about sexual health issues at a young age will make them more willing to be open and honest with you in the future.

Finally, and most importantly, making sure that your child is involved in the conversation is a must. Allow them to ask any questions they might have and answer them frankly. This is perhaps the best way to ensure they are as educated and prepared as possible when it comes time to do the deed (or not do it).