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Top 5 Valentine’s Day movies dads will love

It's Valentine's Day and you don't have any plans. No time to get a reservation at the restaurant your wife loves and not enough culinary prowess to whip up something creative. However, all is not lost. Some women may be happy enough to sit at home and watch a romantic movie, and if that's the case – you're in luck. (If not, enjoy the couch.)

Still, the movie choice is important, and while you may want to watch My Bloody Valentine, chances are scaring the pants off her is not the best way to get in them. But that doesn't mean there aren't romantic flicks you both can enjoy.

1. The Wedding Singer. All men love Adam Sandler, and this was one of his best movies before his career took a nose dive. The heartwarming tale of Sandler's loveable Robbie Heart and Drew Berrymore's Julia is enough to melt any girls heart, and there's plenty sophomoric humor to keep you both laughing.

2. Chasing Amy. This 1997 movie stars a young Ben Affleck as a straight guy trying to woo a lesbian (Joey Lauren Adams). It's the perfect fit for guys who love Kevin Smith films (Mallrats, Clerks, Dogma) yet also has a surprising emotional depth that will be perfect for V-day.

3. Jerry Maguire. It spawned a ubiquitous catch phrase and launched the acting career of Cuba Gooding Jr., but at it's core is a classic love story between a hot shot agent (Tom Cruise) and his assistant (Renee Zellweger).

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Men will watch it for the cast (Mila Kunis and Kristen Bell, mostly) but it is one of the few movies that can pull at your heart strings in a hilarious way. Everyone can empathize with Peter (Jason Segel), a musician struggling to get over his painful breakup.

5. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Perhaps one of the best movies of the last decade, this Jim Carey-Kate Winslet romantic fantasy is equal parts comedy and tragedy but you and your wife will both be smiling when it's over.