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Top parenting traps and how to get out of them


As a dad, figuring out how to set guidelines and rules for your children can be a difficult and ever-present responsibility. What seemingly works in theory may not produce the results you expect in practice – leaving you in a constant state of trial and error. Here are some tips on identifying common parenting traps and determining how to get out of them.

Technological freedom
Children have access to a greater range of information and communication avenues than ever before – smart phones, text messaging and surfing the internet among others. While these can be convenient, fun and educational tools, they also allow children to begin relationships and explore the web relatively unsupervised, according to Aspen Education Group. Make sure you remain active in your children's social lives and activities and set parental blocks on inappropriate websites to make sure they don't fall into trouble.

Inflexible discipline
Kids are inevitably going to act out from time to time, requiring disciplinary actions from parents. However, many dads can fall into the routine of doling out the same punishments regardless of the infraction. Make sure you take into consideration the child's age and violation before grounding them for the tenth time in a row – there may be a more effective punishment that will cut to the heart of the matter.

Overly negative
In order to avoid frustration, many parents immediately resort to threats of grounding or privilege loss at the first sign of troublesome children. However, consider pushing aside those initial negative responses in favor of a more positive spin. Offering a reward or incentive for behaving can be far more effective than threatening your children with punishments.