Playmobil: My Take Along Puppet Theater

Eric Cooper

Ok, so you’re going to see some of the snark that I mentioned earlier pop on out (later on in the post). I actually got the
My Take Along Puppet Theater before I got the Dragon Castle. There are a lot of wonderful things about this toy and at least one not-so-great ones.
Firstly, I think the toy overall is great. As a lot of you know, I really like open-ended play. It makes the child think and interact with the objects in front of them. The parent(s) can also throw different scenarios at them or create “problems” that the child has to solve. I love doing that. There’s nothing better than telling your child “Oh no, the poor man fell down a broke his leg! Now how is he going to get over to the other side?” and then having them figure it out.
Now, hear me out before you make your mind up about the toy. If nothing else, I love to give you the full spectrum of a toy before I build it up or knock it down too much.

  • Lots of sets, lots of costumes, and lots of props, lots of play people – I truly love how much came with it. It seems endless and gives a whole new meaning to the words “endless possibilities”
  • It’s called “My Take Along” Puppet Theater for a reason – it folds up nicely and is easily transported. That’s truly unique in toys today.


  • The sound-effects portion that runs on 2 AAAs. At some point, you tell your kids the batteries are dead and you don’t have any more. And then you never buy AAAs again, because you know they’ll remember. Ok, they’re not that bad, but it can be a little much for a nicely-simplistic toy.

So, there you have it. I totally outed myself as an open-ended toy fanatic. I figure if it’s powered more by your child’s imagination and family interaction it is way more powerful than a couple of C-batteries.

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