Review: Playmobil Dragon’s Land: Great Dragon Castle

Eric Cooper

I’m back – which means I’ve got a lot of reviews in me and, boy, has the snark really built up. Just kidding…kind of. I’m starting out with a few good products, hoping they will ease the sleeping snark-dragon back into hibernation. Speaking of dragons…

I got a few products from Playmobil. On the box, their products look like the standard Lego-esque type of toys. Having been disappointed by cheap-looking toys lately, I opened the box with only minor enthusiasm. Well, it turns out, Playmobil products are way better than they look on the box.

Great Dragon Castle was like the toys of yesteryear – built solid, great detail, and with a lot of “extras” built right in. My kids really enjoy the Playmobil line and the older one went crazy over the castle.


  • Built solid with fine construction
  • Open-ended playing – you let your imagination run wild
  • Big – in the land of Polly Pocket sized toys, this one dwarfs ‘em
  • Grabs kid’s attention – that speaks for itself


  • Box is not very engaging as to what the toy is all about. This proved to me that you cannot buy a toy based on what it looks like on the box.
  • Cost – the cost of some Playmobil toys can be a little stiff, but they are some of the best products I’ve seen.

I liked the toy. Frankly, I want it in my room. The epic battle that rages on against the Dragon Castle heroes and Mr. Potato-head is one that will go down in family history. Just when you think you have the Potato all figured out, he pulls out Fry Power. He’s not just a warrior, no, he’s also a tasty snack.

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