4 Tips to improve time with kids

John Badalament

In the following video clip you’ll meet Paul, a young dad whose story about coming to terms with his son’s illness is an inspiring, yet cautionary tale for all parents. After viewing the clip, ask yourself these questions: are you showing up for your children as much as you’d like and in the ways that they need? How far is your reality from your ideal? Finally, do any of your priorities need resetting?

Here are four practical tips for improving the quality of your time together:

1. Make sure your child is the center of your attention, and not just a distraction while you do other things (errands, calls, emails, etc.)

2. During your time together, do activities you both enjoy—or, put your needs aside and do something your child enjoys, even if you don’t.

3. Invest time and energy into their lives everyday, not just when it’s convenient (this applies whether you live with your child or not).

4. Spend ordinary time with your child just hanging out…with no particular purpose or goal in mind.

Group of children in a primary school in Paris

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