Mother’s Day ideas for new or pregnant moms


Planning your wife’s very first Mother’s Day may seem like a huge task, because you may not be used to planning something like this and it is definitely NOT like getting something for your own mother. Sometimes it is just simple things that will make her the happiest.



  • Make a DVD of pictures or videos and use some of her favorite music or meaningful songs in the background. Use pictures from the time she was pregnant, to the hospital, baby’s firsts and everything special in between. A gift like this is priceless and always works!
  • Obviously, you pamper your wife. Plan a special breakfast, include her favorite flowers and take care of the clean up. Then make sure she takes it easy all day or plan to do something she loves.
  • Plant a rose bush in your yard in her honor. It is a gift that keeps on giving! Every time she sees it bloom, it will remind her of her first Mother’s Day and how much she is loved.
  • Take care of a few things that she has said needs attention. Whether it is putting something together, taking her car for a quick car wash, pulling weeds, or straightening the garage, she will surely appreciate the extra effort. When you have a new baby, some things are hard to get to!
  • Frame a family picture. If you don’t have a good one, maybe schedule a day to have a professional one taken as a gift. Your wife loves nothing more than to see her family put on display!



- Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez

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