Father’s Day ideas from radio’s Ernie D


My first Father’s Day…its always special because in most cases you still have a “baby.” There was no real extravagant gift that I got that day, but just the fact of knowing that it was my first real father’s day made it special for me. Whether it’s his “first” father’s day, or his 20th, here are father’s day ideas all dads can enjoy.

  • Last year, I had been talking all spring and summer about going to the beach. So my wife, on a small budget went out and got a beach pack for me for Father’s Day. The kids and wife had spent all morning making a quiche, which is one of my favorite breakfasts, and we packed up the car with food, my gift and headed off to the beach. There I opened my gift and found a bunch of stuff that I had been excited about using. A boogie board, some new flip flops and my own goggles and we spent the entire day at the beach together building sandcastles, boogie boarding and having fun!
  • One Father’s Day my wife actually insisted that I go play golf for Father’s Day, but this isn’t your usual Father’s Day golfing story. I actually got to spend the time with my family. We rented some golf carts and played a round of golf together. We had a great time driving around the course, Katie and I were the only ones that played so we didn’t slow anyone down, but being outside, doing something that I enjoyed with my family is always the best way to experience something.
  • One thing that I love doing, whether it is on Father’s Day or any other day is grilling. We’ve recently graduated to a more elaborate grill, so cooking lunch or dinner on it is always fun, especially when the kids join in. We all get together and have a meal outside. It’s always nice to know that you can be there and contribute to your family in different ways….plus, every guy likes to grill stuff.
  • Camping is something that not everyone likes to do. It’s a lot of work, packing up the car, making sure you have food and crawling around in the garage looking for that lantern that you know you have but can’t find it. Here is why it is a good idea for Father’s Day. Make it a project for the kids to get the car packed up that way as soon as Dad gets home, you guys can hit the road. As dad’s we like to be outdoors, and with our families, this is something that combines both. Not only is it a getaway for dad, but also a chance for the whole family to “unplug” and enjoy each other’s company without technology getting in the way. Dad and offspring will not be distracted by work or text messages. It is a great way to reconnect and bring the family together doing something that Dad’s enjoy.

- Ernest “Ernie D” Martinez

Ernest Martinez is Radio Disney’s Creative Director and lead on-air personality, known to both his colleagues and millions of listeners as “Ernie D.” He can be heard on-air each weekday afternoon.