Dads taking over as carpool kings


I’m surprised this appears to be a national trend, but it sure is true at our house. My wife works at a traditional job downtown (with no parking). I work at home and supposedly have lots of time to take breaks and drive kids all over town to the doctor, soccer, and assorted playdates. I have to say it’s a part of parenting that is the least ennobling to me. I know some moms and dads say it’s a special time where they actually get to talk to their kids, and maybe I’ll feel that way when they are teens and I’m glad for any time I have to plug into what they are doing. But right now, it feels like underpaid taxi work

An online survey conducted by Harris Interactive® showed that 80 percent of fathers in the United States with children age 17 or younger take an active role in daily family life, with more than 70 percent driving their kids to school, daycare or extracurricular activities.

[From Move Over, Mom: Dad's Becoming the Car Pool King - MarketWatch]