Dads at Toy Fair – Martin from Ohio Art

Paul Banas
In our series, “Dads take on Toy Fair,” Martin from Ohio Art writes:

I am a Dad of a 7 year old boy and a 3 year old girl. When I am at toy fair I am generally focused on selling our company’s products but do get the opportunity to sneak out and walk the show to see what catches my eye. From a Dad’s perspective, I like toys that allow me to spend some memorable time with the kids in a way that is fun for kids and Dad. From a tech perspective, I am always looking for cool new innovations in the RC category and from a learning perspective, I look to the science based activities. What’s better than taking a 2 liter bottle of coke, dumping in some mentos and watching the kids eyes light up as a geyser of coke spews from the bottle? For my daughter, I always take a look at What’s New in the Madame Alexander booth. They always have some amazing surprises in their new doll line-up. Of course for a great family activity (especially with older kids), you gotta try the hot new


line including the Eiffel Tower with over 200 pieces!