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Must see: Swagger Wagon Toyota (VIDEO)

Okay, we have seen a lot of homemade versions of mom and dads rapping, trying to make parenthood look awesome. But in this video, Toyota has definitely invested in creating an inspired take on suburban minivanning.
Beautifully shot in black and white, there is an everyman appeal to this video, and it’s hard not to wince with a little self-awareness of how self-important we are as parents.. While I think some of the other “Meet the parents” videos for the Sienna wagon from Toyota, featuring these same actors, are pretty lame and a lot clich├ęd, this one is pretty funny.
And, good on Toyota for recognizing dads as being just as goofy in the parenting game as moms. While a Boycott Pampers movement brews for their negligence of dads, it’s nice to see a company at least giving us a nod.
Definitely worth viewing and passing on.