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Older first-time dads wanted for documentary

An experienced Washington DC-based scriptwriter is seeking first-time fathers who are fifty or older for a possible documentary reality television series. The series aims to depict the challenges, risks and rewards of starting a family later in life. Potential subjects should be expectant fathers (and their spouses of course) or those now in their mid-fifties with young children. First-time fathers in their mid-sixties with teenage children might also be considered.

There will be an initial screening process involving phone and/or film interviews with potential participants. Those ultimately selected for the series must be willing to accept the presence of film crews in their lives intermittently over the course of months, as we explore the many facets and issues of late onset parenting/parenthood.
Interested current (or potential) fifty or older fathers (and/or their respective spouses) should send an email to nantila@aol.com, providing personal background and contact information. All such information will be held in strictest confidence.