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Review: Medela Freestyle Breast Pump

Obviously, I am not the one testing this product so here are my wife’s comments.

“I wanted this model so I could multi-task while during my 3-month maternity leave.  The hands free straps worked very well securely holding all the necessary parts in place but only worked with clip down style nursing bras.  I only had to press the breast shield less than a minute against my breasts before the milk started flowing. The pump mechanism is light and easy to carry.  I placed the pump on the table and didn’t use the included belt clip.

When I went back to work, I put everything I needed in the nice tote bag which looked like just another bag.  I am generally satisfied with the Freestyle breast pump.  My only suggestion is to have a sealed container that I can put the parts other than the bottle. They got messy with my milk once I finished pumping.

In terms of milk storage, I used the Medela “Pump & Save” Breastmilk Bags, freezing the extracted milk immediately after pumping.  Without using the bottles, I could directly collect my milk in the storage bags.  It is a bit pricier than general ones. However, it’s really worth it! “

–       Pros: Hands free straps really work. You can definitely multi-task while pumping.

–       Cons: Hands free straps work only with clip down style nursing bras.  (My wife prefers wrap nursing bras that could not accommodate the straps.

David Kim (New York, NY)