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Getting kids the protein they need

If you’re like a lot of families, you’re cutting back on processed meats (lunch meats, salami, and even bacon) in favor of more fruits and vegetables. However, you still have to make sure kids (and you!) get the protein they need.

If you choose carefully, you can find vegetables, grains, and beans that have a lot of protein. Consider the following choices:

Broccoli — 4 grams in 1 cup

Brown Rice — 5 grams in 1 cup

Refried beans — 7 grams in ½ cup

Soymilk — 7 grams in 1 cup

Peas — 8 grams in 1 cup

Tofu — 11 grams in 5 oz

Oat Bran — 16 grams in 1 cup

Lentils — 18 grams in 1 cup

Chickpeas — 18 grams in 1 cup

And compare with 28g of protein in a 4 oz burger (quarter-pounder) and 30g of protein in a 3.5 oz. chicken breast. Of course, both of these choices have a lot more fat.

So, cut back on the meat if you can, but replace it with foods, especially beans and legumes, that are also high in protein.