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Plugz Earbuds for iPhone

Why submit to the Apple tyranny of white headphones that now mark you as more of a follower than as an early adopter? Now you can get microphone earbuds for half the cost and oftentimes better quality than the Apple variety. One pair we tried recently is theiFrogz Plugz which comes in bright blue, red, purple, and lime, as well as drab, ordinary white. At $14.95 (1/2 the price of an official Apple earphone or 1/5 of the Apple earbuds), buy three of these and keep one in your favorite jacket, the car and in your backpack just in case. I know these aren’t the highest in fidelity, but they work fine for most purposes and at some point, with screaming babies and ambient noise, I can’t tell between very good and great anyway.

We might never get the straight dope on whether holding the phone to your head causes cancer, but these earbuds are a simple, cheap and convenient solution to holding the phone while changing the baby.

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