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Review: The Pocket Referee – Helps solve kid disputes

We like the Pocket Referee. It’s a very, simple low-tech solution to one of the worst part of being a parent: having to continually play King Solomon to children arguing over whose turn it is, or who gets the last cookie. It’s no fun to listen to them whine, and never enjoyable to deal with the child who is disappointed.

The Pocket Referee is a gold silver dollar-sized coin that passes from child to child. The holder of the coin either uses it to be the current decider and passes it on to the other child, or holds on to it when the decision just isn’t that important to him. This is a dad-invented product that deserves a shot if you have two or more kids who fight about every decision.

Pocket Referee is $12.95 and $15.95 for a deluxe shiny gold version.