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A Few More Gift Ideas for Dad for Valentines Day

It’s getting late and maybe you’re sick and tired of yet another reason to buy more stuff. But, it’s hard to break out of this tradition. Most folks give their loved one a little something on Valentine’s Day, even if it’s a hand-written poem or a single rose.

Here are a few more thoughts for meaningful gifts for February 14th:

  1. Instead of a material gift, give him an “experience.” It’s amazing the kind of wild adventures there are available for sale these days. Hire a jet fighter, fly in a dirigible, take flying lessons. There’s even a place in San Francisco that gives indoor parachuting lessons, where you can give him the sensation of jumping and flying without risking his life in the process. Other ideas are rock climbing, glider rides, and race car driving. Click here to brainstorm other experience gifts.
  2. Don’t buy a gift like a massage, that says you want him to be more like a girl. Guys still like romance but there are plenty of romantic ideas that will energize him that don’t involve candles. Go to a local observatory and see the stars for example.
  3. Who says guys always have to buy lingerie for women. Buy lingerie for yourself and give it to him. He selfishly wants to give it to you anyway. This sends a lot of the right Valentines Day messages.

    4. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Even if it’s just one bar of Valrhona for $4, chocolate says decadence, but studies also show it does everything from fighting tooth decay to (mildly) elevating mood levels. Just skip skip the milk chocolate. Your sweetie is sweet enough without getting fat.

  4. Buy a book. Not any book, but the perfect book that shows you really care. If he’s a book lover, go to Alibris.com and look for a signed first edition from his favorite author. Even if he’s not the literary type, you can still find a book that says more than “hey, I found this in the discount aisle,” but that really shows your interest. Think “Intro to Italian,” “Magic for Dads,” “Planning a trip to Alaska.” Subjects that are of interest or possible interest, or stir a plan for the two of you for the future.

Good luck. And, if all else fails, there’s always flowers and a coupon for a massage.