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New Books for Dads this week: The Baby by James Briggs

Something about The Baby says it’s probably more autobiographical than the author is letting on. The author is English. The main character is English. His girlfriend is French. The girlfriend in the book is French. A you might find that a bit distracting since you’re reading what feels to be of very much true-to-life story about what happens to a typical guy when he hears those classic words, “Honey, I think I’m pregnant.”

The book therefore, reads less like a novel than real life. For future d a with with a him for dads looking for the inside track on what really happens during pregnancy, it’s a good read. There just aren’t enough books out there that deal honestly with all the changes men go through during pregnancy and after childbirth. It’s the life-changing event for all the reasons depicted on TV, but for a lot of reasons no one ever talks about. In the baby you get some ideas about what men really think about women, babies, sex, work, life, and death. Anything that brings little bit more reality to this subject will be good for men and for relationships. The worst thing going into any new adventure, marriage or childbirth included, instead expectation that is either too rosy or too jaded. The Baby may help some men understand that the realities of having a baby are somewhere in between.