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Hooray for Hyundai’s Dad’s Sixth Sense Super Bowl Ad

I did not see this coming from Hyundai. This new ad from Super Bowl hit all the right chords. While some of the dads’ lif-saving moves were slightly over the top, any father who’s doing his job knows how close his kids have come to bad falls and collisions. When your kids are 2 and 3, in fact, it’s almost every day if not every hour. And that’s why this commercial is so strong; it shows strong dads who doing what dads do. We are with our kids and we are watching out for them, protecting them, making sure they don’t kill themselves before they’re ready to take care of themselves.

We’re still at the point where we have to celebrate just a bit every time a dad isn’t shown as a hapless buffoon disconnected from his family, and reality.