Lego Advent calendars go fast!

Paul Banas

It’s probably really sacrilegious, but my kids adore these Lego Advent calendars. There are 24 little goodies in the typical Advent calendar packaging, but instead of chocolates, kids (or adults?) get little Lego characters, or tiny city objects to put together. I personally like the City series best, since the objects actually have something to do with the season, like little Christmas trees or Santas. Another calendar has pirates, but has nothing to do with the holiday. Do not expect to see any Nativity scenes among the Legos.

I learned the hard way that the supply of these dries up in late November, but so be advised. We just get one for about $35, and the kids get to have a fight every morning about whose turn it is and who opened it last time. And isn’t a lot childish bickering what the season is all about? And isn’t it great to kick it off every morning around the breakfast table?

Note also that every year is different, and for obvious reasons the boxes are not marked with the year. If you are giving these to anyone, make sure to check on line for the latest SKU numbers. The box for #2824, featured above, for example is for 2010. #7592 for
Lego Kingdoms is also for this year.


N.B. I have never received any compensation or sample product from Lego. I just have a six year old son who has let them become his world.

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I have an 8 year-old son who is also Lego besotted. It's still a while before Christmas but this is a great idea. I'll look out for a Lego Advent Calendar this year - we all will enjoy it, I'm sure!

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